Jamie Hill


About Me

  1. Father of 3

  2. Married to high school sweetheart, Julie

  3. Memphian

  4. Lives in Cordova the Town

  5. Mississippi State Alum

  6. Corporate Video Producer

  7. Graphic Designer

  8. Member of Living Hope




50 Things About Me

An interest in world missions,  Jamie has filmed all over the world.

A freelance video producer and graphic designer, Jamie Hill will work to make your business successful.  Using creativity and a knowledge of media, printing and sales, Jamie takes your business and gives it a new look or helps you craft a new message or identity.

“My goal is to design a video or printed piece that is of such quality that it could be mistaken for a LA film or New York agency work.” 

Jamie has completed projects for Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses, a variety of work for a variety of people.